Preparation tips for 2nd ONLINE Academic Session

The academic session of 2021-22 is about to begin or has already begun for some of the institutes. Last year when COVID -19 lockdown struck, uncertainty was high and nobody was prepared to face it. We began learning technology with some hesitance and have now mastered it. Some professors are enjoying teaching online more than teaching in class.  We were not sure how many months we will work online so we couldn’t prepare well.

The uncertainty is now decreasing. Not in a positive way though. We all know that complete next academic year we will host online classes for students. So now let’s prepare for the online academic session better than the last year.

Online Lecture Vs Online Learning

When we say online learning, it goes beyond online lectures. It will include all the activities that you would conduct in your physical class.

Teachers are always looking for newer techniques to teach students in a better way. Along with this, we can now also look for different online software that will help them learn efficiently.

 These may include

  • Self-practice apps for students like PREXAM
  • Recorded Lecture Viewing facility for students with connectivity issue or to encourage self paced learning.
  • Online Time Based Exams both Subjective as well as MCQ to beat the exam uncertainty.
  • Doubt solving sessions.

Using Online Technologies to your benefit

When you use online technology or program, it is in-turn generating and storing lot of data from activities of your students, staff, professors and parents. This data can be used to generate reports that will be beneficial for you to track working and progress though everyone is working from their home.

While all your staff and professors work from home, you can still track their working hours as well as work. This will surely pull down some stress for you. Also you will not have to depend on staff and professors to fill in their work list.

Similar is the case with students. If you are using self-practice app, you can easily know which students is studying and scoring better than others. Conducting regular online exams will boost their confidence further.

If you would like to have more information on such online software, get in touch with one of our executives and they will help you get the best value of your investment.

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