Teaching is the only profession that creates all other professions.

On this occasion of Guru Purnima we pay respect and tribute to all the teachers who spend their life in molding life for each and every individual.  It is a day to be thankful to all mentors and teachers.

 Role of teachers in one’s life begin in early childhood. A child gets to see a respectable person in a teacher, apart from parents, who teaches them good values, appreciates their good deeds and encourages them to perform well. Being appreciated by a teacher is of so much importance for a child that they begin to walk on values and manners that are taught by the teachers. Slowly and steadily these values become habits and mold the child towards becoming a good person and a good citizen.

As child grows up, he spends almost 8 to 10 hours in the school with teachers and mentors. Thus, they affect student’s development in many different ways. Through the passing time teachers become our role models for students. A different and pure relation is established between the teachers and students. Teachers scold us, laugh with us, share their amazing stories with us and make us feel homely. They correct our mistakes and prevent us from making bigger mistakes in life. They guide us because they understand our weaknesses and strengths.

But these days, the picture seems to have changed a little bit. These days we see students disrespecting their teachers. The ease with which any information is available to them reduces their need to learn from teachers. But the important part that is missed out here is the difference between information and knowledge. Though information is available everywhere, the knowledge yet remains with the knowledge giver.

The knowledge of turning the information into a useful one and applying it at correct time and place in one’s life can be taught only by an experienced teacher or mentor.

On this occasion, we , at Prime Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., MyClassAdmin and PREXAM team, salute to the army of these selfless teachers who spend their whole career in making others excel at what they are, helping each student to build their careers and be good citizens.

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