way to capture more admissions for coaching classes

Ways To Capture more Admissions For Coaching Classes

A year full of the pandemic is gone and all coaching class owners are now again at the same point we were last year. Lockdown, when the admissions were just about to start, is badly impacting business. Uncertainty on exams is adding to already bad situation. Last year some classes had pre-booked admissions and fared […]

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MyClassAdmin app is now powerful features

MyClassAdmin App is now with Powerful Features

MyClassAdmin is now powerful enough to bring complete online education in your hand (handheld smartphone). When physicals schools were open before the pandemic, students were mostly asked to be away from phones and laptops and today pandemic has given a turn to the education system. Thanks to technology & internet availability today, we are still […]

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manage school & coaching efficiently

How to Manage School/Coaching Efficiently

If you are an owner of a coaching institute or school, you might be sometimes be overwhelmed with how many different tasks you have to take care of each day. Taking reports from your staff about each activity conducted in the institute is one of them. If you fail to track any single activity, there […]

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The Complete Virtual Classroom Software at its best

The Complete Virtual Classroom Software at its best.

In today’s world of Pandemic, Virtual Classroom is a need of every educational institute. However, it is difficult to find software that fulfills all the needs of teachers, students as well as parents. Most institutes have been using video communication apps for conducting lectures, online survey forms for conducting exams, and social media platforms to […]

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Best Online Exam Management Software System

If you are looking for an online exam management software for managing objective and subjective exams online, MyClassAdmin will be your one-stop solution. Here is a brief description of what the online exam management software is all about, how it would help you conduct online exams efficiently and manage students responses and results in a […]

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How To Set Exam Paper?

“Exam” this is such familiar word to us. Throughout the year some or the other exams are going on, be it for school students, engineering students or even later for bank and other such job exams. For any exam, most critical part is to set the exam question paper. When we set a question paper […]

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Teaching is the only profession that creates all other professions.

On this occasion of Guru Purnima we pay respect and tribute to all the teachers who spend their life in molding life for each and every individual.  It is a day to be thankful to all mentors and teachers.  Role of teachers in one’s life begin in early childhood. A child gets to see a respectable person in a […]

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5 Essential Tips to Conduct Online Class or Online School more effectively.

The attention span for online learning is smaller than classroom learning and hence techniques for effective online teaching should be different. Further, online lectures cannot really substitute the overall learning experience that students get in a classroom including discussions, collaboration, and practical knowledge.  In this article, I am trying to put in a few points […]

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